moving to new york city

i think i like it here.


the city is changing me,
unburdening me of past ideals
that once were held close
and pulling me into itself,
wrapping its arms around me
then back into the ocean
to become a part of something bigger than myself.

you give me the last piece
of home before i go
with your buildings silhouetted
and your lights adorned
and beginning to glow.

the waves crash against the rocks
again and again—
a relentless act to pull me
deep into itself,
to make me a part of a city
bigger than my being.

and it is calling me home.


my art is different now. different, but growing. the people here are different. it's not a bother if you wear pajamas — or even no clothes on the street. there are big lights and busy streets, but somehow you feel comfort in sliding back into the unknown mist of humans and traffic, and finding yourself through that.

see you in the city (or in the nearest antique shop).

xo, nicole

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